The Hannah Difference

Simply put, Quality is the difference. We strive to be a little bit better; Always. Here is what makes us different:

  1. Agility:We are known for being extremely responsive to our clients needs, adjusting quickly to new or changing requirements
  2. Depth of Expertise:We bring over 30 years combined industry experience to the table. We will get you what you expect on time and on budget.
  3. Creativity:We have a unique ability to look at clients’ same old promo program and find new avenues of opportunity.
  4. Integrity:We consistently do what we say we’ll do.
  5. Supplier Relations:We have built many strong supplier relationships that allow us to enjoy many advantages that other distributors will not benefit from. Access to new lines, catalogs and volume discounts are but a few things that our clients’ benefit from.
  6. Sound Financials:We are able to manage large volume orders and programs without inconveniencing customers in anyway.

Featured Products

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